best of birmingham

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The Marie

Meet Marie. She is a fearless maven of the modern movement. We are so inspired by her hues of color and her layered textures. Sharp edges and soft floral are quite the juxtaposition yet beautifully integrated. We dream of her lounging on velvet sofas with her martini atop our marble coffee table. She loves blush but definitely isn’t bashful. Meet a few of Marie’s favorites things…
  1. Emma Sofa
  2. Edyth Sofa
  3. Adair Chair
  4. Marble Table
  5. Blush Candlesticks
  6. Tiffany Candlesticks
  1. Blush Pillow
  2. Project Lantern
  3. Marble Candlesticks
  4. Agate Stone Coaster
  5. Bias Bowls
  6. Marie