best of birmingham

Our Story starts here in the Magic City. Viewing our city from up above you will notice everything from iron and steel to black, modern, and sleek architecture. From the flashy marquee letters on the Lyric Theatre to our Iconic Vulcan statue, we find inspiration everywhere. We are proud of our Southern roots, front porch swings and late-night soirées in our magical city. We. Are. Birmingham.
    1. Magic City Sign
    2. Vulcan
    3. Vulcan Pillows
    4. Magic City Sign Pillows
    5. Sloss Furnace Pillows
    6. Lyric Theatre Pillows
    1. Marquee Letter: Letter B
    2. Navone Bistro Tables
    3. Wynston Sofa
    4. Black Atara Chair
    5. Satellite Tables
    6. Antique Gold Bar Facade