We’ve collected our favorite elements and compiled them to introduce to you irresistible inspiration.

Best of Birmingham

Our Story starts here in the Magic City. Viewing our city from up above you will notice everything from iron and steel to black, modern, and sleek architecture. From the flashy marquee letters on the Lyric Theatre to our Iconic Vulcan statue, we find inspiration everywhere. We are proud of our Southern roots, front porch swings and late-night soirées in our magical city. We. Are. Birmingham.

Aurora’s Aviary

Imagine walking through an artistic interpretation of watercolor woods. Get lost in the bramble of botanicals alongside the sweet songs of bird themed accents. From gold embellished vases to modern birdcages, you’ll find yourself lost in this garden of curiosities. Most Creative. Most Colorful and most of all, unique – just like you.

Modern Farmhouse

Take a walk with us to the simpler times when all families gathered around a dinner table and every dessert was home-made. We still have that fond feeling of our past and now we are marrying it to the clean lines of the future. Modern Farmhouse nods to a unique take on including dough bowls, driftwood chairs and pine dining tables into the fanciest of soirees. Celebrate in style with the comforts of country living.

The Marie

Meet Marie. She is a fearless maven of the modern movement. We are so inspired by her hues of color and her layered textures. Sharp edges and soft floral are quite the juxtaposition yet beautifully integrated. We dream of her lounging on velvet sofas with her martini atop our marble coffee table. She loves blush but definitely isn’t bashful. Meet a few of Marie’s favorites things…

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