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We not only have props to offer but we have creative minds and hardworking hands that are dedicated to telling your story with the rentable resources we have at our fingertips. You know us, we know our inventory, and now we’d like to know YOU!

-The PropHouse Team

Mandy Majerik AIFD, PFCI

Owner + Creative Director


Ashlyn Adair

General Manager + Sales Executive

Devyn Steele

Visual Merchandiser + Inventory Management


Kate Tankersley

Sales Executive

Kelsey Paris

Sales Executive

Mary Price Duncan

Executive Assistant

Paige Frey

Executive Assistant


Elizabeth Mann

Executive Assistant

Kalyn Speck

Warehouse Supervisor

Talylor Keith

Lead Delivery Driver


Debbie Harkins


Mike Johnson

Warehouse Manager

Hannah Asprodites

Executive Design Assistant

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PropHouse is a wedding and event rental company located in Birmingham, Alabama. Providing the perfect decor for any event!